We provide our customers with many shock services. Our services include dynoing, revalving, oil changes, gas bag replacement, body & shaft replacement and more. From custom valving to factory valving and everything in between we can make it happen!

All shock dynos cost $10, or are FREE with a rebuild of a shock.

All shock rebuilds range from $30 to $35 which includes new oil, seals and dyno time. For any revalves it's an additional $10 per shock. For every shock worked on there will also be a $25 labor charge. These prices are current for all brands except Bilstein and adjustable shocks. Bilstein is a $40 rebuild and $30 labor charge. Please call for adjustable shock pricing.

If you're looking for new shocks, we can handle that too! We stock the full line of all our brands in house to ensure fast turn around time! Please call for pricing and help deciding what brand best suits your program and budget!